The Center for Leadership in Athletics develops effective
leaders and leadership practices, that maximize the positive,
educational impact of athletics.

"The Center for Leadership in Athletics is rooted in the idea that effective leadership is essential within all roles of an athletics enterprise to ensure the positive impact sports can have on students and community. In the spirit of this idea, we serve to enrich educational experiences through the development of leaders engaged at the intersection of athletics and education."

- Sara Lopez
Director, Center for Leadership in Athletics
Professional Development Community
Partnerships & Outreach
Research Academic Programs

Designs and delivers timely workshops and seminars that sharpen the skills of athletic leaders.

Supports the success of community-based organizations that educate and develop youth through athletics.

Conducts and disseminates research focused on improving the every-day practice of leaders.

Delivers cutting-edge academic programs that prepare athletic leaders.

NASSS Conference in Portland
Five representatives of the Center to present at this annual event. Learn more!
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Join Youth Sports Leadership Chalk Talks Series!
The Center is excited to invite leaders working in youth sports to a series of roundtable workshops and discussions for the fifth straight year! Our Youth Sports Leadership Chalk Talk series brings together like-minded leaders, researchers...
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Join the Center at ASHE 2014 in Washington, DC
Learn more about this year's pre-conference event!
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Liz Reyes: Baylor University
Recently, the IAL program caught up with alumnus Liz Reyes. In this alumni spotlight, Liz talks about the source of her passion, what it’s like to navigate a professional change in scenery, how cheerleading has contributed to her career, and what aspects of the IAL program have been an asset to her as a professional. Take it away Liz!
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