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Current Research

In addition to our professional development offerings, the Center is engaged in publishing and presenting original research and editorials. 

McDowell, J. & Hoffman, J.L. (2018). Women’s and gender issues and controversies in collegiate athletics. In G. Sailes (Ed.), Sports In Higher Education: Issues & Controversies, 2nd Edition. San Diego, CA: University Readers/Cognella.

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Hoffman, J.L.Seelinger, G., & Berwick, R. (2018). Topics in Navigating International Student-Athletes, Invited Panelist, International Admissions Professional Activities Committee, AACRAO, Orlando FL. 

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Hoffman, J.L., McDowell, J., & Rafael, V. (2017). Fresno State: Gender discrimination and retaliation for Title IX advocacy in athletics. In S. Harper & J. Donnor, (Eds.), Scandals in College Sports: Legal, Ethical & Policy Case Studies (p. 216-224). New York: Routledge.

Hoffman, J.L., Rooksby, J. & Hay, G. (October, 2016). Big-time sports and Big-time research: A comparison of commercialization across the academy. Challenge Award report prepared for the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. Washington DC.

Hoffman, J.L., Rankin, S. & Loya, K. (2016). Climate as a mediating influence on the Academic Success of Women Student-Athletes. Journal for the Study of Sports & Athletes in Education (10)3, p. 164-184.




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