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Coaches change lives.  

We offer education & training that builds great coaches.

We believe that holding the keys to an athlete's experience is not something to be taken lightly and that all coaches should have access to training and education that makes them better.  No matter where you are in your coaching journey, we have programming for you.  These programs are based on the latest research, provide hands-on experiences that allow you to practice your coaching, and create a space for you to learn from experts and fellow coaches.

Are you currently a career coach or do you hope to make coaching into a career?  Is coaching your life's calling? 

  • Learn more about our graduate degree, a 12-month M.Ed. program with an emphasis on working in collegiate and professional sports.

Are you looking for ways to improve and be a better coach than you were last season?  Do you want your athletes to have a positive experience as part of your team?

Are you with a team or sport organization that needs training for all coaches?  Looking for training that is different and gives real, tangible skills?  

  • The Center offers customized organizational trainings, tailored to fit the needs of your coaches. Training topics include: 
    • Introduction to Ambitious Coaching
    • Developing a positive and inclusive team culture 
    • Athlete-centered approach to skill building
    • High quality instructional feedback and delivery
    • Building and mentoring your coaching staff
    • And more! 

Content for all training sessions is derived from our ACCEL coaching education curriculum, informed by our sport leadership graduate program and Ambitious Coaching research project. 

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help.  Pricing is variable. 

 Download our Coach Training for Teams and Organizations info sheet to learn more about packages and pricing! (Coming soon!) 


Attendees from the fall 2017 summit
Ultimate frisbee coach practices giving "Ambitious Feedback" to a rowing coach during a CLA coach training.

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