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Community Partners

The Center for Leadership in Athletics (CLA) develops effective leaders and leadership practices that maximize the positive, educational impact of athletics.

In 2010, the CLA began a Youth Sports Initiative to network, connect, and improve the effectiveness of leaders in youth sports organizations in the Puget Sound Area. Today the CLA strives to develop a collaborative network of community organizations that work with youth and underserved communities, and to identify strategies for positive youth experiences through sport.

The CLA aims to increase the capacity of local sports organizations and to strengthen the services they provide to youth and underserved populations. In this effort, the CLA invites organizations that focus on positive development through sport programming to become an affiliate of the CLA. We are proud to partner with many organizations in the greater Seattle area, including, but not limited to:

If you would like more information on how to become a partner with the CLA or have questions about our community partnerships and outreach work, please contact Alexis Glowka at (206) 543-3815. 

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